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Welcome to Bannja Shop

Bannja Shop Ja & Ace

Hi! Welcome to Bannja Shop!
My name is Ja and this little guy here is Ace. I am currently an EMT in Augusta, GA and looking to apply to a graduate school in the coming months. We are a small business entity and it started with my family as a way to share some of our homemade designs from Thailand.

Bannja means “My sweet home” in Thai.
Our store mainly sells handmade products from Thailand and other products that our family designed ourselves. I want to utilize this shop to introduce unique gifts and items made in Thailand. This shop is perfect for travelers, aesthetic gifts, home decorations, stationaries, and many more to come!

I also want to utilize this shop as a contribution in memory of our beloved dog Ace. Ace passed away from collapsing trachea in March 2020, he was our family’s first pet and my absolute best friend. He was loyal, protective, goofy, smart, and a great listener. Although Ace is no longer by our side, he will always have a special place in our hearts. I believe that every pet is deserving of love and caring home, after all, they can make a huge impact on our lives.

Bannja Shop Ace

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We Support Augusta's
CSRA Humane Society Animal Shelter

Proceeds of each purchase will be donated to my favorite local animal shelter called CSRA Humane Society.

We chose this shelter because my grandpa and I used to volunteer there fixing their roof and playing with the animals. We develop relationships with the staff and the animals while trying to make them feel at home until they find the home they deserve.

Life is too short to not spend it with your paw family member!

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